Lets set another level of consciousness

Sep 24, 2013 Blog No Comments

Lets break away from the confinements of a mobile phones. Glocon can be used on its own or linked to a mobile phone to harness and extend the level of awareness of a mobile phone. Break away from expensive data plans and unwanted information and let Glocon tell you what you want to know.



There are so many uses that one can come up with for Glocon that its impossible to fit into one site. From something as simple as assisting the blind or the deaf in being physically alerted when an event happens, being able to define the vibration pattern for specific alerts as well as the LED glow sequence to using Glocon as a physical representation of a virtual you.

With over 70,000 world wide mobile phone developers out there, Glocon sets to reach out to this community of people to imagine and create an endless flow of applications and utilities that will help bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world.

Tell us about your ideas, tell us about how you’d like to use Glocon. Help us create YOUR Glocon.

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