Whats behind Glocon?

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Glocon uses the latest technology available of which it is composed of:

  • Bluetooth V4 BTLE with 50 meter radius range
  • Opaque water proof flexible band with magnet clasps at both ends
  • Micro USB connection
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Vibrator motor
  • LED glow strips
  • Pressure sensors
  • Battery
  • Main board containing CPU, RAM, flash locations to store separately encrypted transactional and personal data , System Clock
  • Internal Flash storage

Glocon utilizes various different security measures including the highest level encryption to ensure:

  • Your personal information & actions are always secured.
  • Your information & actions only are shared with who you allow.
  • Your device is unique to you & can not be used without your knowledge.

Glocon can be used to solve many of our day to day problems. Identity theft and security are an increasing problem in our world today, with over $50 billion a year in costs in the US alone. Glocon enables users to securely encrypt and store their personal and payment data onto a physical device that can be worn all the time, even when you’re in the pool!

Via the advanced Glocon Back Office Platform, users are able to monitor, configure and even block Glocon devices in real time. Even if you were to lose a Glocon device the data will remain secure. Glocon uses a complex high bit encryption algorithms and tokenization methods, data on the Glocon device is always secured.


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