A wearable social media device that is configurable to integrate into your daily life.

Glocon is a water proof flexible wearable device that helps people stay connected to the digital world at all times. In today’s ever growing technological world it is not uncommon for people to have multiple mobile devices and multiple online profiles. Glocon manages to keep all of your profiles and connections together in one wearable device that you can wear all the time.

Glocon incorporates the use of the latest technology including Bluetooth v4, micro USB connection for instant data transfer and charging, vibration motors, NFC and LED technology. All the hardware in conjunction with a open SDK that Glocon enables developers to be part of a whole ecosystem, where the barriers between the physical and virtual environment are knocked down.

It’s all here to make your life easier to manage.

Visual and Physical Alerts

Glocon has the capabilities to harness the power of  mobile phones and have all alerts and notifications transmitted to itself  so that user’s can receive physical alerts at all times. User’s are able to route and customise all of their mobile phone alerts and notifications to their Glocon device. Everything from the colour …

Get social

Glocon enables people around the world to keep in sync at all times with other Glocon users. One of the many features supported by Glocon is what we call SAM, ‘self aware mode’. Glocon users will be able to create a profile which is stored on their Glocon device. This profile can be made …

Feel and see the sound

Glocon does more than just alert users of events. Glocon can also ‘listen’ to sounds around you and interpret them in visual and physical way. Imagine being in a concert and having your Glocon device vibrate and glow in synch to every song being played. Or use your Glocon device as …

For secure access and emergencies

Stay safe with Glocon With the use of both Bluetooth and NFC, Glocon can be used as a water proof security fob. This can be used to replace the need for card keys at hotels or security fobs at the work place. Since Glocon is a bracelet which is conveniently placed on your wrist you’ll …

Virtual Wallet

With Glocon we can finally realize the dream of having a truly virtual wallet. We are able to replace people’s wallets with a Glocon bracelet that can be worn all the time. Via the use of NFC technology users will be able to shop around the world without having to use their physical credit cards or wallets. Parents …

Always stay close

Glocon users can also configure their Glocon device so that they are alerted if another synchronised Glocon device is within a certain range or outside a certain range. Parents can configure Glocon devices for kids so that if they are outside the 50 meter radius their own Glocon device begins to alert …

Protect your personal information

Hospitals are a clear example of how versatile and useful Glocon can be. Imagine a world where patients are quickly and easily identified by swiping their Glocon bracelet. Using high bit encryption algorithms, Glocon bracelets can store key information such as your personal ID number, or social insurance number so that you can check in and …

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2013 September
25 September

What’s Glocon all about?

The WWW (1991) heralded an era of the ‘static web’ now know as Web 1.0.

Web 2.0 ( 2004 ) and facebook heralded in a new era of the ‘social web’.

24 September

Whats behind Glocon?

Glocon uses the latest technology available of which it is composed of:

  • Bluetooth V4 BTLE with 50 meter radius range
  • Opaque water proof flexible band with magnet clasps at both ends
  • Micro USB connection
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Vibrator motor
  • LED glow strips
  • Pressure sensors
  • Battery
  • Main board containing CPU, RAM, flash locations to store separately encrypted transactional and personal data , System Clock
  • Internal Flash storage

Glocon utilizes various different security measures including the highest ...

24 September

Social Marketing


When using SAM (Glocon Self Aware Mode), users are also able to configure the sort of person they would like to be matched with (i.e. profession, gender, age, body type, etc).

There are over 40 million people in the US alone who are currently trying online dating services such as Imagine being able to ...

24 September

Lets set another level of consciousness

Lets break away from the confinements of a mobile phones. Glocon can be used on its own or linked to a mobile phone to harness and extend the level of awareness of a mobile phone. Break away from expensive data plans and unwanted information and let Glocon tell you what you want to know.



There are so many uses that one ...

18 September

Who’s behind Glocon

ACME SOFTWARE is a technology company based in Gibraltar. It was founded in 2012 by Alex Capurro and Michael Esber.

Alex is a technology and software entrepreneur with over 15 years commercial IT experience and holds a degree in Computer Science from Leicester University.
He is the founder and CTO of 21FIFTY Ltd ( a Gibraltar based firm that provides a ...

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